Wind energy generators

TET Estel in cooperation with partners provides equipment for wind generators parks and delivers it to clients as “turnkey” solutions.

  • Generators with 1 and 2,5 MWt
  • Connection to electric power

ESTEL-Wind is an AC-DC-AC inverter, which is designed to control wind generator and matching parameters of generated electricity to the network.

ESTEL-Wind provides bi-directional flow of energy from generator to the network (generator mode) and from the network to the generator (motor mode). In addition, the converter can automatically synchronize the network voltage, as well as work with generator’s wide range of frequency, that ensures reliable operation of the wind turbine in the network.

The converter has a two-circuit water-air cooling system for cooling the rectifier and the inverter along with reactor equipment.

As a coolant the distilled water is used in the system, also use of low-temperature liquid is allowed (ethylene glycol), which helps the equipment to operate at low ambient temperatures.


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