Power semiconductors are the main base element of power electronics. The range of power semiconductor devices produced by TET Estel differs from its analogues on market by not competitively prices only, but also by high level of quality, reliability and design.

All TET Estel products are equipped with semiconductors of its own production or manufactured in cooperation with well-known European companies according to our specifications. Power semiconductors are selected by static and dynamic characteristics, that ensures quality and durability of customers’ equipment, in which TET Estel products are installed. Parameters selection is carried out with «LEM» company special equipment.

Also, company has developed a range of semiconductor analogues, produced by European manufacturers (Westcode, International Rectifier, Infineon, and others.)

For each batch of devices supplied, the protocol of technical test must be attached, along with data sheets and quality certificate.

Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements.